Safe Lifting Techniques

Proper lifting and handling techniques protect against injuries and make tasks easier.

4 steps to effectively reduce serious injury:

  1. Planning
    1. Size of load
    2. Route is free of obstructions
    3. Use proper equipment (gloves, back brace, handcarts, hoists, etc.)
  2. Lifting
    1. Get as close to the load as possible
    2. Maintain firm footing
    3. Keep feet should width apart
    4. Keep back straight & stomach muscles tight
    5. Bend at knees & lift with legs
    6. Don’t twist, use entire body to turn, shift feet first
  3. Carrying
    1. Hold load close to body
    2. Watch where you are walking
    3. Maintain straight back & keep stomach muscles tight
    4. Use care when ascending & descending stairs
  4. Lowering
    1. Keep load close to body, avoid bending your back
    2. Squat down, bending knees keeping back straight
    3. Don’t stretch or over reach
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